Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I have been thinking about (probably more like agonizing over) today's election. This is a big day in America's history. We will either have the first African American president, or the first female vice president.

One must really set aside their political leanings and ponder about how historical today is. I hope every American captures their feelings today; on your blog, in your journal, verbalize to your family...heck put it up on YouTube.

There is one other person I have thought about a lot this morning...never met him...my great-grandfather James Stoddard. He died in World War 2 when the ship he was on was sunk by a U-boat. I have seen images of the ship going down; it is disturbing to look at those and think someone you are related to was on that ship.

My thoughts are with him because he believed in what he was fighting for--America, freedom, liberty. I may never have to fight a war the way he did, or my father did in the Gulf War. All I can do is go to the polls and let my voice be heard. That is the legacy my great grandfather has left for me.

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