Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something that ticks me off, so save Kenneth Cope

For those of my Mormon friends you may have heard of Kenneth Cope. Singer, songwriter, producer, blah blah blah. Well now he is my friend. I don't mean he let me be on his 2000+ Facebook friend list...he is my friend and someone I talk to frequently. My PR skills are being used to help him out because the world of music is really changing.

Why am I ticked if I get to talk to this awesome guy every few days? I am ticked because the company who released his latest CD last spring did not include the CD in their Christmas or Winter catalog. For an artist that means loss of advertising...and LDS singers are not living the high life.

So if you like Kenneth's music, please buy his CD or download it from iTunes. Go be his Facebook friend and tell him you love his music. If we don't support artists like him they will eventually disappear...and then what will you listen to.

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