Friday, February 20, 2009

Australia: My Other Home

I have never lived in Australia, but have visited there a few times because of my husband being from down under. I have been so concerned over the current situation in Victoria as bushfires destroy homes, kill people and animals, and scorch this beautiful country.

The images circulating the news of the firefighter giving water to the koala as the koala holds his hand has brought to light the travesty of the situation. One friend was irritated that I made a big deal about the koala when hundreds of people are feared dead.

The thing is, I shared the koala photo because of the symbolism it entails. Sometimes people need something they can warm up to so they snap out of just thinking about their own life and do something for others. I am broke, money goes to bills as quick as I make it. However, we spent what we could to the relief efforts. And every time we have a little extra, to the relief efforts it will go. You can donate here.

Here is a new photo of a possum saved from the fires.

There is a national day of mourning for the lives lost in the bushfire. You can read an article here.

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