Monday, March 23, 2009

Make Your Voice Heard: Stop the Canadian Baby Seal Hunt

And so the yearly tradition of killing baby seals has started in Canada.

I find it ironic that the practice of killing 2 week old baby seals is called a hunt. I am not sure what makes it a hunt since these mammals can barely move on the ice to avoid being clubbed or shot by fishermen. I was stunned to learn that the Canadian government has approved 280,000 seal pups to be killed to support the fur trade. The thing is, the market is shrinking due to the inhumane and barbaric practice.

Just last week the Russian government announced a stop to the baby seal hunt. I applaud the government for taking such a stand. I hope Russia's

The European Union is set to vote on the issue which could stop the importation of baby seal products. This legislation would be significant in a fight against cruelty.

The Humane Society of the United States has chronicled the events over the last 10 years about the annual "hunt," including an update from this morning. To watch video of pups only days old is heart wrenching because within a few weeks those some babies will be slaughtered. The white, ice landscape is so utterly destroyed by the overflow of blood from the killing spree.

Some may argue that there are other issues people should dedicate resources to. Yes, they are right. However, it is important to stop all such inhumane practices against animals and humans. The baby seal "hunt" is just one battle that we should all join together and fight against. It speaks volumes about humanity to let such a practice to continue. I would rather my posterity remember me as a person who did all she could to end the cruel and painful killing of baby mammals.

Get involved by learning more at the Humane Society website. There are also great tips on what you, the average person, can do to make your voice be heard.

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