Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet the Artist: Amy Giacomelli

I came across Amy Giacomelli's work while browsing various art shops on Etsy. I find myself visiting her shop when I am feeling a little down or when I am craving the sun. I hope my friends enjoy her work. It is whimsical and giddy. "Sunshine Falling is one of my favorite pieces. Well, really anything she does with swirls appeals to me.

Now I need to convince the husband that we should have one of Amy's pieces in our living room.

If you know of any artists like Amy, please comment and post a link. I would love to see more work like hers.

Amy has two other Etsy shops you can visit, with one including prints! Find them here PaintingPrints and here SkyeArt. Also discovered a nice blog post about her: "The Sweet and the Low: Amy Giacomelli," The Modern Materialist.


  1. I love your blog, Melissa :)

    I'm also a fan and an artist.

    You asked about similarly 'happy" art.

    Check out ....

    Also, see ...


    Warm regards

  2. ...oh and just in case you are interested