Monday, April 27, 2009

1985 and how to explain it to my daughter

My 9yr old daughter and I spent the morning lounging in my bedroom attempting knitting projects (I don't knit, so it was entertaining.) We had the iPod shuffle on and Bowling for Soup's one-hit wonder "1985" came on. Sweet Keziah said, "I don't get this song." So I tried to explain as best as possible and summed up the conversation with, "Life was just a little better during that time."

Don't get me wrong, the world was in the midst of Cold War politics, the US was hit with the AIDS epidemic and war/famine hit all reaches of the globe. Despite those things, it was still a simple life in which children still played outside instead of glued in front of the TV or video games; family dinner actually happened at a table with everyone there; and sitcoms were the highlight of the night. I remember my rebellious moments of sneaking MTV on so I could practice dance moves and sing my own private karaoke.

Now I get terrified when my daughters walks to get the mail from the mailbox. Life is not so simple anymore.

I miss the 80s.

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