Thursday, June 25, 2009

ABC, Please Explain Show Cancellation Rationale.

It seems the moment a new television show appears that is well written, witty and unique never stands a chance of living beyond a season or two. There are two shows that will be falling by the wayside and I question the networks decision.

The Unusuals is the first show that made my heart break when I read the fall 2009 lineup. It appears one season is all we will get because of low viewer numbers. It seems silly to take a great show, put it on a Wednesday night right up against American Idol, and then wonder why there are not tens of millions watching it. For me personally, I always kept up with it watching the show the day after via ABC’s website. (Does Internet viewership figure into total numbers???)

What I found appealing is the fact the show did not fall into the typical stereotypes we see in police dramas. The male/female partners don’t end up falling in love with one another…and that was a relief. A script was developed that showed how a male/female police partnership can become a friendship…but beyond the work, those individuals have lives with AMAZING back stories. And we did not even get a chance to explore those narratives. I could imagine that it would take several seasons to peel back the layers, providing laughs and tears as you learn to love these ordinary people with a variety of issues.

What we will never know:

1. How Jason really got caught up with bad people during his baseball career and how the murder of his girlfriend changed his attitude and approach to life.

2. Casey, the little rich girl who wants to be a normal person had just started to deal with her issues, hoping to learn how she can cope with the two vastly different worlds she lived in. There was the relationship with her father and her love life was just starting to take shape with the normal guy who wants the better life.

3. Leo, the germ-a-phoebe cop who never takes off his bullet proof vest and has the ultimate antibacterial apartment. Why did he end up that way?

4. Eric and his brain tumor! That was just developing. And to have the medical examiner do all the doctor work was funny. Some of the best lines came out of that dialogue. Now we will never know.

5. Allison, Jason’s love interest, has her own secrets. We know she is in debt because of restitution she has to pay for a shooting. That surely was going to be a strong story line.

6. Eddie Alvarez…now there was a character we hated but started to cheer for…right at the end of the series!

7. Henry, the criminal turned saint. That was the only storyline that had some sort of resolution. However, it still had places to go.

And what is most irritating is the on and off again Scrubs. Really, the show was funny for a season or two…but then was just plain immature and stupid.

The second show that breaks my heart: Pushing Daisies. Now there was an original show that

had musical numbers! It was so whimsical and charming. The color alone made it engaging and unique. Every little thing had a reason or meaning. For example, Olive almost always wore olive green clothing. Did many people catch that? Or how about the Darling could you not love them. Ned is a doll...and I was one of those who secretly hoped he would end up with Olive.

What I find even more pathetic is the fact shows like Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show still have life and a following. Really, is this what the American audience has been reduced to? Give me a break!

So now I will pout and sign as many online petitions as I possibly can…but I fear it will not make a difference. I just wish ABC would give at least The Unusuals one more chance. Put it on a different night and see if it fairs well. And use Internet viewing stats…many people don’t have time to watch TV in the evening, but with this amazing online technology, we can watch whenever we have a chance.

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