Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Never Know Why You Are Prompted to Act

A few weeks ago my daughter and I stood in line at the Dollar Store to grab some sodas and snacks. In front of us was a woman with a small child. She had a few items, but her card was not being accepted. I looked at the cashier and asked her to go ahead and put it on my bill. Before the embarrassed mother could stop me, her items were paid for and thanks was given.

It was not until last week that I learned what was on the receipt. We were in such a hurry that I had just thrown it in my purse. Upon cleaning my purse out I saw that the mother was not buying frivolous things, as is sometimes tempting in a dollar store. I have included the receipt so that perhaps it will be an example to others to act when you feel a prompting. You will notice the yellow highlights, those were her purchases. Baby wipes and medicine.

What a rewarding moment for both my daughter and myself.

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