Friday, September 4, 2009

Depeche Mode (I Know I am Behind)

August 25th Alan and I made our way to the Depeche Mode concert. Yes, they are still alive...although I don't know how they keep going. It was amazing and I was so in awe of seeing the group the introduced me to new wave music oh so many years ago. It was fun because we sat next to a nice couple who had just seen the show in Boston and were heading to the Colorado show after the SLC one.

It was sad that a lot of the classics were not played, but the moment a popular song came on, the audience went nuts!

The night was even better running into my roommate from El Paso. She blogged about the night on her site Because I Knew You.

Here are some shots I was able to take at the concert. Sorry Facebook friends, I know you have seen these.

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