Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where to Buy Another Testament Book, DVD and CD

For those who are interested in the Mark Mabry exhibit you may want to check on the book, DVD and CD. The publisher, Deseret Book, has a great Another Testament Web page that has trailers, project info and purchasing. Here is a breakdown of what is available:

Another Testament by Mark Mabry
. This book contains photos you will see in the art exhibit...I think there are additional images that did not make it into the exhibit but are still just as powerful.

Another Testament DVD by Cameron Trejo. Cameron is a young and hip documentary filmmaker, but don't let his age fool you. He has great depth and captures human emotions like no other filmmaker I know. The DVD has behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew. A great element on this DVD is Cameron's addition of interviews with Book of Mormon scholars. These interviews provide context for the exhibit from a historical and religious perspective. Watching the DVD makes the exhibit take on a whole new meaning.

Another Testament Soundtrack by Jason Barney and Clyde Bawden. The project would not be complete without stirring and emotional music. Clyde Bawden has this magical ability to sit at a piano and create awe inspiring music that touches the soul. Working with producer Jason Barney, the duo gives us new arrangements of familiar Christian hymns. New to this project are original songs that fit in the Christian music genre. Jason finds talented musicians who have a unique sound and edge to their voice. Singers include Freddie Ashby and Alex Boye. Many new artists are featured, including a Samoan group of men who give a powerful Polynesian version of "Israel, Israel God is Calling."

The exhibit will be in Salt Lake City until October 11, 2009 in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. As soon as I know where it will head to next I will let all know.

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