Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Can See Brandon's Taste Buds

I am not the biggest fan of watching live DVDs, so I was a little distraught when I got home and realized that I bought a DVD instead of a CD of The Killers live performance. Well, not all that upset, it was a two-disc set: one DVD, one CD. So I decide to throw the DVD in while I do some homework...big mistake. Homework be forgotten.

Watching "The Killers Live From The Royal Albert Hall" literally took me back to the live show I caught here in Salt Lake two months ago. The reviews read it is like having a front row is! I had good seats at the concert I went to, but it was nothing up close and personal.

I have read several reviews of this DVD and all praise the live performance of the band. What I love is there is no lip sync, over the top theatrics or cheesy gimmicks. The band is original and stays true to their musical roots. Why stray from what made the world love you!

Perhaps the best review said the quality of the video was so good you could see Brandon Flowers' taste buds when he sang. The assessment is correct. The quality is superb. You see the sweat flinging off Ronnie's face as he drums, Mark's hair blowing (and he seems to be the only one who has an air vent on him), Dave's fingers plucking out the hits and of course the veins in Brandon's neck as he hits those long notes.

Killers' fans need to add this to your collection. If you have not had the chance to see the band live, I recommend you take the couple hours to enjoy this show.

Catch the trailer here.

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