Friday, May 7, 2010

Australian art that makes you smile

Five and a half years ago I took my first trip to Sydney, Australia. (It ended up being an amazing trip because that is where I was proposed to...another story, another blog post.)

It was in Australia that I had my first experience swimming in the ocean. The then boyfriend Alan (now husband) took me to Manly Beach where I quickly fell in love with the soft sand and clear water. What fascinated me about Manly was all the vendors selling their art work. We happened to find a young jeweler who lived in the Blue Mountains that designed our wedding bands. And I discovered my favorite Aussie artist, Tanya Roocci.

Tanya has really captured the whimsical feel of Australia's animals. I bought all her prints available at that time for my daughter's room. She has been busy since creating even more spectacular creatures.

If you like her work, she will ship to the United States! You can see all her work and order from her website.

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