Friday, May 14, 2010

Ready for "Women Food and God"

I rarely have opportunities to watch Oprah because I work an 8 to 5 job. Fortunately for me, my daughter was ill this week…which meant time off work for me. The timing was brilliant. I happened to catch the episode in which Geneen Roth’s book Women Food and God was the featured topic. Within 15 minutes, I was in tears. (Damn you Oprah, you always make me cry!)

I quickly made my way to Barnes and noble to purchase Roth’s book and am now determined to read it, write in my journal about it…might even blog about it. This book is not about dieting; it is about changing way of life and how you look at life. And it just so happens that I am in need of something drastic to change (or snap into place) so I can feel alive again.

Be warned, if you read this book you will find you want to share passages with the nearest person. My husband asked me to stop after the 4th quote. So read this book with a friend because I guarantee you will want to talk about it!

And so my Women Food and God adventure begins!

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  1. Saw that Oprah. Did you finish the book? What did you think.