Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will the US Really Get Brian McFadden's Hit CD Wall of Soundz?

Being married to an Australian (I know, Alan is really a Kiwi, but the US considers him an Aussie) I have been introduced to some spectacular music by artists Down Under. More often than not the American audience rarely has the opportunity to come across this great material. Stop for a minute and try to name as many musicians as you can from Australia?

I am guessing you may have listed Savage Garden, Kylie Minouge, Midnight Oil...or maybe you took a detour to the 80s and came up with Men at Work.

A few years ago Delta Goodrem, Australia's sweetheart (sometimes compared to Celine Dion...but I think Delta has gazillions more talent) released her 3rd CD in the States. To us ignorant Americans we thought it was her first...a breakout artist. And as fast as she appeared on the American music scene, she disappeared. (Don't get me started on the concert she was scheduled to do in SLC & ended up not being able to make the trip...I cried.)

Just tonight a tweet appeared in my feed from Brian McFadden that made me yell & retweet FINALLY. His 3rd solo album will have the single "Just Say So" released in the US on September 19th. This song has already reached #1 on the Australia charts, with two more singles released: "Chemical Rush" and "Mistakes," a second duet with Delta. And what makes the music so enjoyable is that Brian writes his own material...a true musician. (Delta is the real deal, too...and she is unstoppable on the piano!)

McFadden is an Irish musician whom Australia adopted and happens to be engaged to Delta...small world. In fact, the first time I heard both these artists sing was during my first trip to Sydney. They recorded the duet "Almost Here."

One song is not enough for me. Delta released only one song in the States (and it was not even the best song on the full disc.) I am terrified this might happen to Brian. I have listened to his entire album, Wall of Soundz, an 11-track fist pumping, get your ass on the floor and dance CD. It is worth the purchase.

Bottom line: We need these Aussie imports to break the monotony of American pop. (Hopefully we can buy these tunes here without having to pay high import costs or have iTunes tell us we live in the wrong country to purchase.)

And I have a message for the US labels for these Aussie don't need to remake their videos or repackage their CDs. We want what makes them authentic and stays true to their artistic integrity.

Now I am holding McFadden to his promise he made to me in a tweet back: You better let me know the details of when Soundz will be released.

Brian McFadden Discography: Irish Son, Set in Stone, & Wall of Soundz. (Yeah he also spent a few years with Westlife, but his solo work is his writing and his story.)

And don't forget Delta Goodrem. Maybe we will see her return. Her discography: Innocent Eyes, Mistaken Identity, & Delta.

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  1. Hey, Melissa,

    Just caught up with your blog...Really enjoy it! I had heard Bryan McFadden, but not Delta...Wow! Great music and what a great performance by both! Glad they are hooked up together. I be checking your blog out often to enjoy your thoughts. Love to learn more about Australia and New Zealand. I'm a native Texan, too. My husband and I just got back from SLC. What brought your family there?

    Trish Saunders
    Denver, CO

  2. Trisha, I am so sorry I am 2 yrs behind on blogging. Life took an unexpected detour. Thank you for your great feedback. I am getting back into the blogging groove.

    I moved to Utah because of marriage and have stayed here because of work. I would give anything to be back in Texas. I will always be a Texan at heart no matter where I live.