Saturday, April 6, 2013

Broken, Adequately

I am not in the habit of sharing personal writings outside of family. Perhaps I am worried about being critiqued or maybe I don't consider myself to be a brilliant writer. Regardless of those insecurities, I continue to write because i do enjoy the process, and it is cost-free therapy.

My husband is my biggest fan. He has encouraged me to write, especially about my experiences over the last few years. Slowly a memoir is shaping that I have titled, "If Scars Could Talk," a humorous and sometimes tender account of my health challenges and the lessons learned.

Occasionally, I capture my thoughts through poetry. Alan thought it a good idea to share my latest poem because many people can relate to how I was feeling when I wrote it.

Quick Background: After my last disastrous surgery, I fell into a dark place. In short, I was very angry. Alan had to tell my family to give me some space and to not bring up the failed procedure.

During this time I kept thinking about the song, "Broken, " by Kenneth Cope. It is a beautiful number based on a talk from Jeffrey Holland. In the talk Holland said, "God loves broken things."

 I penned the following:

Broken, Adequately

It is a simple question,
One You are asked quite a bit.
But getting an answer
Is a miraculous event.

How much longer should I wait?
How much weight shall I shoulder?
Is it the quantity or quality
You demand when one suffers?

How broken do I have to be
For You to consider me


  1. Great poem! Great questions! Love you, dear friend! Hang in there...

  2. Melissa,
    I have always loved your sweet spirit! While you may feel broken, your spirit is speaking loud and strong; such an inspiration to all that know and adore you. I pray for you continually... knowing that our Father in Heaven has great plans for you. Relish in this time of learning and growth and know that your divine teacher loves you and desires to fill your every need. Hugs to you my friend!

    Michelle Johnstun