Monday, August 12, 2013

"Your Time is in His Hands" & A Challenge for You

Last week I came across a thought from an Evangelical preacher, Joel Osteen. He wrote:

"God is a strategic God. He has laid out an exact plan for our lives down to the smallest details. God
knows the people you’re going to need to fulfill your destiny. He knows who is going to need to give you a good break and who is going to need to put in a good word for you. He knows when someone is going to need to be there to help you out of a difficult time. God has it all figured out. He is not vague or approximate. God is orchestrating our lives down to the very second, causing us to be at the right place at the right time so we can meet the right people that He ordained before the foundation of the world."

I suppose his words resonated with me because I am still in that phase of trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life  - especially with all the ups and downs I have been through the last few years. It truly has been the people I have met and those I have grown closer to that have made life a little easier to cope with and given me the will to get out of bed each day.

 Here is a challenge I offer to start off your week: Be aware of the people you came across, it can be those you have plans to meet or those you cross by chance. Then reflect on the timing of that relationship. Does this person possess special talents you are wanting to learn? Does this person give you strength to handle the specific challenges you face. Or simply, is it hard to imagine your life without this person.

This week my journal writing will be just about these relationships. By focusing on these people I am quite confident I will feel better about myself because I know I have an army of support holding my hand and walking forward with me.

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