Monday, September 16, 2013

DYNTK: Blagovesta Gosheva Gives Whimsy a Makeover

As I immerse myself into the digital scrapbook world, I find designers who instantly capture my attention and help spark my creativity. I have decided it is important to share these works so others may have the opportunity to enjoy working with a particular artist's creations. With that, I am going to have an on-going segment on my blog called: "Designers You Need to Know" or for short "DYNTK".

A few months ago I stumbled upon a digital scrapbook artist who finally inspired me to make the the leap into the virtual craft/DIY world. I wrote a post about her a month ago, but I did not realize at the time I would be writing about other artists. I was too enthralled with the fact I had stopped resisting the pull into the digital scrapbook world.

My post about SuzyQ Scraps was -- unknowingly -- the first DYNTK. (To read that post and get the links to her various social media sites, click here: "Suzy Q: An Amazing Designer I Just Discovered.")

Now on to the the second artist I found who has kept me glued to my laptop and is the next Designer You Need to Know...

Blagovesta Gosheva

Blagovesta Gosheva has a delightful and whimsical sense of style. In fact, this particular artist's designs have become one of my favorite to work with.

Latest Kit: "School is Cool"
Blagovessta sets up shop at Scrapographics -- an online digital scrapbook store. What makes her work stand out from others is her apparent gift at putting together eye-catching color pallets and delightfully unique creations. She has successfully created a look that is easily identifiable. There have been numerous occasions I have been looking at online galleries and I can immediately identify layouts made with her kits.

Perhaps the best thing about Blagovesta's kits are the price! She could easily charge more for her bundled kits...but at $10, you get more than kits costing twice the amount.

Facebook Fan Freebie
I highly recommend you follow her social media networks. In fact, just by liking her Facebook page, you will receive a digital scrapbook kit. Typically a freebie does not have enough to make a decent page or two. That is not the case with this kit. I have used it to make many layouts and cards.

Check her out at:
Blagovesta Blog (sign up for her newsletter!)
Blagovesta Facebook (Great kit avaialble for free)
Blagovesta Pinterest
Blagovesta's Online Shop

I hope anyone reading this who has an interest in digital scrapbooking will take the time to look at Blagovesta's work. Try her free kit. All the elements are PNG files and the paper are JPEGs. You will enjoy it. And if you don't digital scrapbook, you can use her designs to make cards and/or print the items off and use them as you would any scrapbook item you would get at a craft store. You can even explore using the kit to redesign your blog, Facebook cover and Twitter page.

Before I close, I want to share an interesting fact I discovered while looking up information for this post. I came across a Wikipedia page and the definition of "Blagovesta." It is a Bulgarian name that means, "person who brings kind news." That is a fitting description.

My Layouts

Here are two layouts I made from her kit "A Touch of Whimsy":

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