Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HELP! What Color Palettes Should I Use For New Halloween Designs?

I cannot make up my mind, so I turn to you for help.

Halloween will be here sooner than you know. That means it is time to start the craft projects that will add a bit of excitement and a whole lot of fun to this imaginative holiday. I have a long list of projects, templates and printables in the works - all of which will be made available for free here on my blog. Over the next few weeks, you will see everything you might need for DIY home decor to party embellishments.

I do have one small problem...I am stuck. So, I need your help. I have narrowed my projects down to 8 possible color palettes. What I need from you is your ranking of the following swatches. Please post in the comment section the palettes you like best. You can rank all 8 of them, 1 being your most favorite and 8 being your least. Or you can tell me which 3 you would like to see projects created with. Two swatches will ultimately be chosen.

And here are the Halloween Color Palette Candidates:

 Please note: All the swatches have 5 colors, with the exception of 1 and 6. A black stripe has been added to those swatches because they did not have a shade of black to enhance the Halloween feel. Black will be included as a major accent to those palettes, if either or both are chosen. 

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  1. I like 3 and 4. One is traditional the other is a little on the shabby chic side. Whatever you choose, make sure purple is in there. :P