Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keziah is Starting a Blog

A few months ago, I pondered (out loud) whether or not Keziah is old enough to have a blog. I have decided she can. I told her she had to come up with a plan: Theme, how to keep it up to date, setting it up, etc. And she has done those things.

For some reason my daughter LOVES to spend free time finding unique items of clothing and putting together outfits that one would not normally think to. She wants to blog about a teen's perspective on fashion and what she considers to be trendy. We will start designing her blog this week. I will do a new blog post when her blog is ready.

In honor of that, we took photos of her latest wardrobe artwork and put together a new scrapbook layout. The elements are from the kit "Mood Swings" by Fayette Designs.

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