Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DSD Events Are On & You Can #ShareScrapWin

This week digital scrapbook land is celebrating Digital Scrapbook Day (DSD). It is the time of year digi scrappers plan for because the sales, events and contests are unbelievable and exciting.

Scrappers usually watch and wait to see what designers will be posting on their websites, blogs and Facebook pages. Many keep their email inbox open, anticipating designer newsletters and knowing each one will bring even more surprises. And if you are like me, you are disappointed when you discover you have missed something because you didn't know where to find it or who to follow.

This year I am hosting the #ShareScrapWin contest. We started yesterday, but things will really take off today. Anyone can participate. The prizes are incredible. And all you have to do is share.

The contest got it name from my scrapper friends. I had initially posted on Facebook and called it "My Posts+You Sharing=Winners". In trying to come up with a hashtag name, Missy came up with #sharescrapwin. So if you see that hashtag on a post, you will know it is for this contest.

We began initial posting yesterday by sharing any information being sent out by the designers we love. Today, we take it up a notch. Here is what you need to do:

1. Share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and your blog any information I post about the DSD events from this group of designers: Jumpstart Design, SuzyQ Scraps, Fiddle Dee Dee, Created by Jill, Little Rad Trio, Designs by Laura Burger, M&M Designs, AnitaW Designs and Lyllahraven Designs.

2. Share your own information about or from the designers listed above. Extra points for this one. Ideas are: blog about any of the designers, write your own Facebook posts, post your layouts or favorite kit, tweet links to your favorite spots that relate to any of the designers... The opportunities are endless.

3. Shares must occur between now and end Saturday night. Monday winners will be announced.

4. Send me an initial comment letting me know you are playing so I know who to watch. You can leave a comment on my blog, comment on Facebook, send me a tweet or email me. (You can find my email on the top right of my blog.)

Those who share the most information will win. Right now we have prizes from each of the designers. Here you will find information about the prizes and links to the designers blogs and shops:

$5 gift card to use in the SuzyQ Scraps shop at Scrapbookgraphics
$8 gift card to use in the Jumpstart Designs shop at Pickleberry Pop
$5 gift card to use in the Designs by Laura Burger shop at Pickleberry Pop
$4.50 gift card to use in the Fiddle Dee Dee shop Scrap Orchard
$5 gift card to use in the Created by Jill Scraps shop at Ginger Scraps
$5 gift card to use in the Created by Jill Scraps shop at Go Digital Scrapbooking
Free kit from Little Rad Trio shop at Ginger Scraps
$5 gift card to use in the M&M Designs shop at Ginger Scraps
Free bundled collection (3 kits) from AnitaW Designs at Scrap Takeout
Free kit from Lyllahraven Designs in her Etsy shop

The main reason I started this was to help get the word out about what these designers are doing for DSD. Being on Creative Teams I have seen firsthand how hard these gals work to make kits for us to play with. The effort to share does two things: First, it informs all our friends about the products available this week, as well as the goodies reserved just for DSD. Second, it is a way to say thanks to the designers for all they do to make us happy.

So get sharing!


  1. Awesome!!! I'm in, I don't use twitter or pintrest or have a blog, but I'll share away on Facebook!!!

  2. Count me in too, although I already started yesterday on FB. I was the one who had a special request for my prize, if I won......

  3. Lori, I have your request down and let some of the designers know. You blew people way in an inspiring way! You rock. Kelly, I have you down. Lynda, welcome.