Monday, December 9, 2013

Take a Break From the Holidays for Your Family

One of my creative team assignments this past week was a little emotional for me. It was not something I expected. Most designers are releasing beautiful Christmas, winter and holiday kits. and I have enjoyed working with every single one. I was a little blindsided by one for all the right reasons.

"Ties That Bind" is the latest release from SuzyQ Scraps. This collection is all about making layouts of your family and those relationships you have with specific family members. It is a gorgeous set of kits with everything from your parents to your aunts and uncles. The palette is stunning with the base color a deep, rich blue. The female add-on uses pink to accent. That is what got me.

I have this photo of my sister and I. It was taken not long after she had her son, Dominic. We all went to Idaho for his baby blessing. It had been years since I had seen Cori and it was an emotional reunion. I love my sister and admire her for her spirit and ability to make things work regardless of what life has handed her. I have not ever attempted to scrap this photo because it was special and I had not found a kit that pushed me emotionally to make a layout.

Until now. Here is the layout I made with Suzy's collection.

It isn't a page that dazzles with over the top elements. It is purposely simplified because the two important parts are the photo and what I wrote. The blue color just anchored everything together and the pink was perfect because of what we were wearing. Having said all that, I find it to be one of my favorite layouts.

This exercise taught me an important lesson, especially for the month of December. I love Christmas and gift giving. I love connecting with family and the joy that brings. What I learned is that our relationships mean more than any gift you can give or receive. In all the holiday bustle it is crucial to remember that, and if you can, stop everything and do something to capture what those relationships mean to you. You can do what I did and make a scrapbook layout. If that is not in your wheelhouse, write in your journal or send a letter to that person so they know what you think and feel about them. Try that for one of your days of Christmas.

If you would like to do a similar layout and would like a jumpstart, I would recommend picking up the SuzyQ Scraps Simple Story Grids. There are quite a few volumes to choose from. They are great page starters because sometimes all you need is a jumping point and then you can run with it. There is a wonderful post on her blog about the different ways you can use these grids.

Here is a page I did the week before about my daughter using the newest grid, Number 11. I love these grids because it offers me help when I am stuck, as well as a completely different look to play with. Suzy's post offers a host of ways you can play with them.

Layout uses Memories & Moments {Thanksgiving Add-On} by SuzyQ Scraps

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