Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jill Says to Keep it Simple, but I Didn't Listen When I Made a Free Template

It is January 1st, and I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. If you are a digital scrapbooker and shop at Ginger Scraps, then you are happy for more than Auld Lang Syne reasons. It is the January Buffet!

Created by Jill Scraps released a new collection, Keep it Simple, for the buffet. And the kits are 50% from now until January 5, 2014.

The buffet is a monthly event in which all the shop designers are given the same color palette and then they create a few kits or a collection based on those colors. Jill chose to design a kit that really is one you can use for any theme. Here are her creations:

And here is what I did with it. First up, my layout with Kit 1. With this layout I designed a shadow box look by making a page frame and clipping one of the papers to it. Then I put a different paper in each box. After that there really is no rhyme or reason. You just fill in elements wherever you want them to go. One of the nice features of using a shadow box technique is that there are no rules. Sometimes you just want to throw things on a page and call it art. If you keep your photo in the primary box, you will not lose focus. You don't want to draw away from the picture. Although I doubt you could miss Keziah being cheeky, as usual.

Next, the layout for Kit 2. On this one I went in a different direction. Jill created a four-circle frame chain, which I had to use. It took me a little bit of sketching to come up with something different. I chose to use a large photo on most of the page real estate. Then I used the frames in a cascade down the left side of the layout. Here I filled in some of the smaller photos from the night Alan took Keziah to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. I did reserve one frame for some words to break up the flow. You probably don't want to use all the circles for photos if you use the large photo technique. The page would be too busy. Another thing you can do is to use elements to create borders and trims. Since I used most of the page for photos, I could not crowd it with elements. I still wanted to use them because I quite like them. I tucked things like buttons, jute circles and doodle flourishes underneath the paper and made it look like trim. This is good for you to know in the event you get the kit and can't figure out where those border pieces are.

Finally, I created a third layout by combining both kits together. This was a bit ambitious as it was hard to decide what I would use and what would be left behind. The three-opening frame was a given. (I tend to beg Jill for quirky frames.) Working it like a negative or photo strip, I turned it horizontal and used a sequence of photos from the same shoot. The photos I picked are from my wedding. This is a great way to show off several photos from the same event, and sometimes the same moment, without cluttering the page. And to give it some femininity, especially because they were wedding photos, I added many of the glittery, flowery and delicate pieces available to me. Again, don't stick it all on, but you can tuck things under mats, borders and edges to keep the page flowing and not break the eye path.

Funny story: The berry branches caused me a moment of embarrassment. There were a different type included in another kit and I could not remember what to call them. So in our Facebook group I referred to them as sticks with balls. I know, I am the idiot here. Needless to say, when I saw these in this kit, I thanked Jill for the sticks with balls. Don't think I will be living this one down.

I used the layout with my wedding photos and created a free template. This one is the Lissykay Take Three template and as you can see, I finally settled on a color palette. All my templates will be in a branded color from here on out.

Download Template

Be sure to share you layouts. And if you create with Jill's kits, please leave me a comment with a link to your layout. I would love to see it and feature it on my blog.

Don't forget about Jill's new fan freebie on her Facebook page. It is a mini kit, and you will soon see a free template for it! And head over to her blog to see more layouts using the Keep it Simple collection.

I also have a Facebook page and there you can download a 10-template set of page starters. They are absolutely free.

If you have missed any of the past free templates from this blog, be sure to click through to find them all because many will soon be gone from the site.

Take care. And the next time you stop by for your templates, you will be directed to the new Lissykay Designs website. Yes, there are lots of changes in the works!


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