Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting My Priorities Straight

So this year I opted to not come up with New Year resolutions. I rarely stick with them and the last thing I need is another failure. Instead, I have spent the first few weeks of 2015 figuring out what my real priorities in life are and then finding a way to make them stronger. In the end, I want to have an unfailing appreciation for what I do have rather than be disappointed with the things I failed to achieve.

My 10-year anniversary is a mere few weeks away. Knowing the date is upcoming mixed with several conversations Alan and I have had regarding our family, I can say with 100% certainty: "I have been blessed with the best husband for me and the most valuable father for Keziah." In the end, what could be more important.

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We have come to an important crossroad as I battle my spine problems and are accepting the reality that it cannot be fixed. It is amazing how much relief that has brought. Now we can start making realistic plans.

Why am I sharing such personal information? Simple. If any one of my friends or family can learn from our trials, they might save a lot time trying to figure "stuff" out. When we put our spouses needs first, both will always have their vital needs met. When you accept you cannot fix everything, you will spend what time you do have together making memories and cherishing those moments. Don't let a day pass without saying "I love you" and forgiving one another of the trivial mistakes. Lastly, hug your child (children) several times a day so when the time comes you are no longer here, she will never doubt her mother loved her.

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