Friday, January 16, 2015

My health, daughter and how to stay sane

This week has been nonstop doctor appointments. Between all of them, I feel very overwhelmed. Alan and I decided to follow the spine surgeon's advice to see a new pain specialist. I will have a procedure to burn all the nerves in the damaged part of my spine. It is a series of injections that lead up to the burning. This will keep the lumbar spine from hurting, but has to be repeated every 6 to 12 months. Then when those injections stop being effective, I will have another spine fusion. (Currently I have a C1-C2 fusion.) I am going to be the bionic woman when all is said and done.

My darling Keziah got another 4.0 this quarter. I am so proud of her. And her guitar lessons are expanding her musical ability. She doesn't want to play the cello anymore, but she is sticking to piano. Between the piano and guitar, I may have a little singer/songwriter daughter is the close future.

I received some darling note from friends when they saw this photo of Keziah. All proclaimed her to be gorgeous...and I wholly agree.

Created with Cozy Up from ForeverJoy Designs

I had to post a layout I made early 2014 as the designer I CT for re released this kit in her new shop. Having the pages side-by-side was bittersweet. You can see how much Keziah has blossomed into a stunning young lady. But the smile and twinkle in her eyes have remained the same.

Created with Hydrangea from ForeverJoy Designs

Many of my friends and family know I love to scrapbook. So it just made sense to use my layouts instead of simple photos for my personal posts. This year, you will see more of my art work. This art medium has been my saving me a purpose to get out of bed each day. Funny how something so simple can be such a powerful life line.

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