I am a native Texan who has still not figured out how to comfortably live in the cold winter of Utah. I am married to Alan, a New Zealander who also does not enjoy the cold. Alan brought 5 beautiful girls to our marriage and gave my only child siblings.

Keziah is my teenage daughter and the absolute joy of my life. So far, she has been great...we have not had the dreaded teen angst period. We still have a few years to go...
For 10 years, I have worked in public relations (my dream job).
Fortunately for me, I have worked in three different divisions of our public affairs department. This has really given me a wider understanding to the many facets of public relations. I currently work on interfaith outreach: Finding opportunities for our top leadership to meet and work with local, national and world religious leaders. My past assignments have included developing a social media strategy for a global company, running the day-to-day operations of a company newsroom website, media relations, strategic analysis and helping other departments with online communications. Needless to say, I have spent a lot of time in meetings and writing/publishing content.

I have quite the extended family. Arizona and Massachusetts are the home base for my maternal and paternal family. However, we do have a few scattered elsewhere: Germany, Texas, Kansas, Idaho, Washington and California. And we cannot forget Alan's family in New Zealand. So of course, we get to travel.

Life has been an interesting roller coaster...good days and bad days. I should amend that to good years and bad years. When trials hit our family, they seem to come at us like a bulldozer. Regardless of what we have faced as a family, we are closer than I ever thought possible. We rely on our faith to provide support (and sometimes a net) when things become too hard. And our family-and-friends network give us the "hand holding" we often need. Despite it all, everything tends to work itself out for the best. For me, this is what life is all about.

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  1. Love the pics! I just saw you had a blog and am very excited to follow it! Miss you tons. xoxo